Refinancing American Mortgage


Did you take an American mortgage a few years ago and you find that interest is too high? I’m sure you’re right. Mortgage interest rates continue to fall and now reach around 3%. If you took a mortgage at 6-10%, you need to do something about it. Refinancing an American mortgage will help you save quite a considerable amount.

An American mortgage is a non-purpose loan that you can use for business. It is secured by real estate and therefore has a high value for the creditor.

Even a few years ago, interest was not high, but today it does not match the interest rates that current mortgages do. Refinancing an American mortgage will basically reduce the amount you pay monthly and relieve high repayments. With hundreds of thousands or millions you borrowed for many years, just one percent means several thousand a month. For the entire period of the mortgage, refinancing will save you tens of thousands of crowns.

End fixation

mortgage loan

If the fixation period is over, you have the option to choose the most appropriate mortgage on the market. You can let your bank prepare an offer, but also contact other financial institutions because you need comparisons and arguments. Don’t take it first. It is a good idea to start negotiations a few months before re-fixing. This not only gives you plenty of room for maneuver but above all you can compare offers and get the best for yourself.

Negotiating conditions

Negotiating conditions

Refinancing an American mortgage is the right attempt that anyone who cares about their own funds will do. A mortgage is a long-term affair, and the regularity of installments is sometimes disastrous. From the amount of CZK 10,000 per month, it is not bad to discount 1,000 – 2,000 CZK, because it brings long-term great savings. In addition, the refinanced American mortgage option is to find out the bank’s access to you. If you are well repaid, the bank will want to keep you and go below the rate of other bids.

Don’t pay more


There are many ways to pay as little as possible on the mortgage market. Choose the best for yourself. At the end of the fixation of the current US mortgage, you can choose and have truly incredible offers.

Every effort and work is needed for every money. And when it comes to large loans like mortgages, every percentage plays an important role. Refinancing the US mortgage costs you nothing because the offers are free. You can only save money and ensure substantial reductions in current repayments. The money can certainly be used better.