The HCG Diet Protocol: The Three Phases

The HCG diet protocol has become more and more popular as of late. Even so, the proper way to implement it must be observed, lest you do not see the results. The HCG protocol contains strict meal plans and clear-as-day directions.

Prior to ingesting HCG diet drops, you must first avoid inorganic substances or anything that contains chemicals, such as lotions, makeup, deodorants, lipsticks, powder, or cologne. Stay away from massage as well as this could disrupt the activity happening inside your body.

hcg diet dropYour HCG diet drops, on the other hand, should be placed in areas away from computers, mobile phones, routers, and microwave ovens because the radiation from these appliances and gadgets would negatively affect them. Furthermore, the HCG diet drops should be taken 20 minutes after you have brushed your teeth, and should remain under your tongue for 3 minutes prior to swallowing.

It is important, too, that you do not take HCG diet drops if you have a period. The hormonal changes that accompany menstruation might also adversely affect your body’s reaction to HCG.

The HCG diet has three phases. The first one is called the loading or the excessive eating phase. During this period, your body takes in lots of calories because your body is preparing itself for the fat loss. For two days, you have to eat the whole day.

As you begin taking the diet drops (10 drops thrice a day), chug down half a gallon of water. The objective for the first phase is to pack on the pounds, so eat as much as you like – there’s no need to worry about the fat. You can practically gorge on cakes, pastries, and creamy food.

The next phase is the stage where you have to consume 500 calories. Hence, this is the start of the “rigid” diet. This means that only the allowed kinds of food should be eaten. Anything else which is not in Dr. ATW Simeon’s list should not enter your system. Doing so will disrupt the HCG diet.

This phase will last for 38 days, or approximately a month and a week. It is crucial that you keep taking HCG diet drops alongside your 500-cal meal plan. This is essential in releasing all the fat that is stored in your body. After the second phase, you may already stop taking HCG drops, but you will have to maintain a 500-calorie diet.

Finally, the last phase is that of maintenance. Keep eating a 500-calorie meal for three days, after which you may already eat as much you like (but avoid food with starch, and anything labeled sugar-free). Your meal may likewise exceed 500 calories. During this stage your body will readjust to its new metabolism and shape. This is why you have to follow the protocol to a T – all the fat that you lost during the second phase will not resurface in the third face. If it does, something probably went wrong in the initial phases.

This last phase is liberating, because you are allowed to eat any type of food that you missed when you were still taking HCG drops. The only exception would be sugary and starchy food such as potatoes, cookies, wheat, grains, barley, and muffins. You are advised to eat more protein, though.

Similarly, keep on monitoring your weight every morning. There should be no additional 2 pounds in your weight despite the extra calories you’ve been consuming. Should you discover that you did gain weight, do not eat anything for one day, except a large steak during dinner.

Additional Tips:

In between these phases, you have to:

1. Record what you have been eating in a journal. This will help you keep tabs on your calorie count;
2. Do not skip meals. Make protein, fruits, and veggies a daily part of your diet;
3. Drink half a gallon of water every day;
4. Eat dinner three hours before you sleep;
5. Take part in less strenuous sports and activities; preferably those that will help you relax, such as yoga;
6. Consume only 1 tbsp of milk daily;
7. Anything you eat or apply to your skin should not contain oil;
8. Sleep for eight hours every day;
9. Do not eat the same food (or protein-rich food) on the same day;
10. Balance a whole egg with three egg whites;
11. Aside from water, you may also consume green tea, black tea, herbal tea, and lemon juice;
12. Use safe laxatives in case you get constipated during the HCG diet period;
13. Check the label/ product info before buying food. Be wary of glucose, starch, and sucrose;
14. Boil, grill, or broil meat. Never eat fried food; and
15. Don’t use oil in cooking, even if it is as healthy as olive oil.

The success of the HCG diet depends on you and the HCG drops you are taking. With various HCG drops in the market lately, you can never be sure which ones were prepared and made with quality standards. Our diet drops are proven to be safe and effective. Get the figure and weight that you have always wanted with our HCG drops.

Author Bio:
HCG drops is the most effective, and the purest product available and the best part is, you do not need a prescription! That’s right, you do not need to make a trip to the doctor to discover that HCG diet drops are right for you.
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Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha

Golf gripsBack when the world was still at war (the first, to be exact), the Germans manufactured a new and super heavy type of howitzer. A howitzer is a type of tank with a long tube-like barrel used to fire shells at a pretty good trajectory. The new type of howitzer, however, was made with a longer barrel, a heavier tank, and a stronger tube that can carry shells and bombs that can cause so much more destruction than the other types of howitzers. This super heavy howitzer was baptized as “Big Bertha.”

Unfortunately for Germany, the Central Powers lost and the United States Army was able to capture two of the last Big Bertha’s during the end of the war. These tanks ended up on display on a museum.

Fast forward to today’s time, Big Bertha’s aren’t used for world wars anymore. Nowadays, she’s being used for a different kind of war, if you want to call a man versus a small white ball in a vast, green field, a war.

In the world of golf, Big Bertha has been every man’s dream girl. She started out as a heavy tank that shoots and destroys. Now, she’s light, slim and good with hitting balls to their holes.

Back in 1991, Callaway golf released their new line of drivers called “Big Bertha.” It is believed that the company named it as such to commemorate the great German howitzer. The design of the Big Bertha golf club was utterly different from the traditional clubs during that time. Some even considered the model as a drastic change from the other clubs.

In the early 90’s, golf clubs were made using persimmon wood and was customized to have small heads. The Big Bertha, however, was made entirely out of stainless steel with a head twice bigger than the wooden drivers.

A decade later, Callaway golf has expanded the Big Bertha family. The “Great Big Bertha” and the “Biggest Big Bertha” are two lines of drivers that was launched by the company. In 2003 and 2004, the company released “Great Big Bertha II” and “Big Bertha 454” respectively.

One of the changes in the design of this club is that instead of using stainless steel, they utilized titanium. Even though Great Big Bertha was not the first to use titanium, they were the ones who took credit for it, proving that titanium can be as good, or better even, than stainless steel. Another change is the shape. The traditional pear shape of the head was shifted to a round shape, making the weight evenly distributed.

Up to now, Callaway golf is still looking up new designs and features for the Big Bertha family. What’s great about the Big Bertha drivers is that they are especially made for average players. These clubs are and can be used by anyone, which is why golf players and loyal customers are always on watch for the next addition to the Big Bertha clan.

Now, the Big Bertha drivers are modified so much that some are lighter than the first clubs, improving the speed of the swing and the impact of the head to the ball, sending it flying straight and fast afar. The newest models have features that enable the player to adjust the perimeter weighting or the hostel.

The biggest success of the Big Bertha is beyond the different lines of drivers. Her greatest achievement was putting Callaway golf on the map. From being a specialty-club company to the leading manufacturer of golf clubs and equipment in the world, Big Bertha was able to attract the attention of the golf industry to her father’s name.

Getting harder to hold onto your clubs? Sounds like it's time for some new golf grips!

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The Essential Roles of Badge Lanyard in your Event

badgelanyardsIf you are an event organizer, your aim is to make your activity a success. You make sure that everything is in order, from the resource speakers to the smallest detail in the venue. One of the most effective ways to ensure that your event looks professional and creative is by providing badge lanyards to all participants. Gone were the days when organizers use pins and adhesives to attach name tags to attendees’ clothes. Neck lanyards are more convenient and easy to display during the event.

Badge lanyards are effective accessories to promote camaraderie and interaction of people attending your event. Strangers can become instant friends. Shy people can easily approach other participants who may catch their interest. Wearing them is essential to promote name recall and help avoid the embarrassment when you call someone with a wrong name. They help during workshops when participants are grouped together to do something.

Name tags on display create friendlier atmosphere. A friendly environment is more conducive to information accumulation and networking with co-participants. Networking is one of the purposes of seminars and conferences. This is the primary reason why everyone is given identification badges. They bring benefits such as keeping everyone comfortable and familiar with each other.

They also raise the awareness of everyone especially regarding the people who are behind the events or the organizers, the resource speakers, the participants as well as security personnel. Badge lanyards make the search easier and more efficient especially if your participants are not so familiar with the venue.

Here are some tips to remember when choosing badge lanyards for your events:

1.For formal event, avoid using sticker badges because they are not so professional-looking. You can use them for informal and short events. However, for serious and important conferences and seminars, it is advisable to engage the service of printing company to provide you with creative and unique identification badges that will bring positive feedbacks from people attending your event.

2.Choose service providers that can print quality badges. Make sure that the size of the badge is large enough to hold the name or logo of sponsors. It will please your patrons to see that you make efforts in promoting their brand names. Bigger badges can hold information such as:

•First name or nickname printed in bold colors. Use sans serif font and choose size that can be read ten feet away. If necessary, put the surname on the next line but a bit smaller in size.

•Event roles or designation if part of the organizer’s team

•Affiliation, organization or company you are representing. Use different fonts and color to differentiate it from other details.

•Identification of the event or holograms. It should be small and not too noticeable for security purposes.

•Twitter ID to encourage the attendees to interact via social media

•Schedules of the event, topics and speakers

3.Choose firm and strong materials like vinyl for your badges or use plastic covers that are not easily twisted. It is irritating to keep on checking if your name is clearly seen by others. Double-sided badge helps you avoid the hassle of constantly making sure that the right side of your badge is visible.

4.To promote earth-friendly events, use biodegradable materials like bamboo and recycled plastic materials to bring more impact on your activity.

5.It is better to use color-coded badges for easy identification. Color coding is a creative way of making everyone aware of their individual roles during the event. For dignitaries or special guests in your activity, choose satin or embossed lanyards.You can also use woven and ribbed lanyards that are appropriate for prominent people who will grace your event.

Nylon and polyester are ideal for promotional lanyards. If you want soft and flexible materials, you can choose textile, denim and cotton.

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Long Island Real Estate Finds

Long Island in New York has a lot or real estate properties for people looking for a place to live during the summer or for people wanting to live there permanently. If you fall into either category, you should easily find a Long Island real estate property to stay in, whether you seek to live in the Hamptons, Nassau, Suffolk, Fire Island, or North Fork.

Why Long Island?

real estateLong Island has it all with its perfect combination of a suburban life and a metropolitan lifestyle. Many of New York City’s elite come here to escape the bustling city life and the island is also home to various cultures as well. Long Island locals and visitors alike would enjoy various water activities like fishing and boating as the island is rich in natural wonders. The island is also home to numerous golf courses, parks, and recreation and equestrian facilities.

Long Island Neighborhoods

While the place is home to some of the world’s most expensive Long Island real estate properties, there is always something for even people with modest budgets.

In Long Island, the most expensive properties are found in the Hamptons. The area’s real estate properties are typically described as waterfront estates with gardens and private beaches, charming cottages, massive equestrian properties, and contemporary loft-style condominiums. The Hamptons are more of a summer destination. Luxury rentals peak beginning late spring up to the early days of autumn. The off-season rentals are best for enjoying the holidays amid peaceful and pristine natural beauty.

Nassau County, which is home to 1.3 million people, is also one of the United States’ wealthiest counties. The county is characteristically suburban with areas that are heavily urbanized. Its major cities are Long Beach and Glen Cove. While the county is a good distance away from busy Manhattan, it can be easily accessed through the Long Island Railroad, which has dozens of stops throughout the county.

Suffolk County is New York State’s easternmost county and is even more rural in nature than Nassau County. Suffolk has beautiful sights like amazing mansions, theaters, aquariums, and winding roads that lead to a historic lighthouse and calm sandy beaches. Suffolk County is also home to golf courses, vineyards, cattle ranches, and water parks.

Fire Island, which was first settled in the 18th century, is an island separated by Great South Bay, Bellport Bay, Patchogue Bay, Moriches Bay, and Narrow Bay. Fire Island can be accessed via two causeways, public ferries, or by private boat.

North Fork is known for its rural hamlets, potato farms, and bustling communities with cultural attractions, fine dining restaurants, and vineyards. North Fork is also a popular region for people to own or lease Long Island real estate properties. However, it has a more rural vibe than the neighboring South Fork, which is part of the Hamptons. In North Fork, you are most likely to see or experience fishing villages and horse farms instead of celebrity-spotting or lawn parties.

Sample Listings

The listings of Long Island real estate properties vary and they depend on the client’s requirements. A large affluent family may want to reside in a listing in Southampton Village. This fully-furnished $2 million house has over 2,900 square feet of floor area with four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and gourmet kitchens. As this house is part of a larger 13-acre community, your family can enjoy the tennis court, pool, and club house.

A more affordable affair would be in Greenport, New York. With a price of $525,000, this two-family antique home boasts of a rocking-chair porch, wood plank floors, internal side porch, and extra room for a swimming pool. The multi-family Victorian-style townhouse has two baths and two bedrooms.

If you are looking to rent a Long Island property for the summer, there are also a lot of listings. For $35,000 to $140,000, depending on the length of stay, a contemporary house in Dune Road, Westhampton Beach, may appeal to larger groups or families with its 12 rooms (including six bedrooms) and five baths. This rental boasts of a massive open floor plan with a heated Oceanside pool. It also comes with a 20 x 40 deck that overlooks the Atlantic and is perfect for afternoon cocktails.

Another rental property is in Blueberry Lane, Quogue. Renting for $55,000, this post-modern home has four bedrooms and 3.5 baths in an area of 3,500 square feet. Aside from its magnificent architecture, you would be delighted with access to the beach, a heated pool, and an in-kitchen dining area. The grounds are also something to look forward to with 43,996 square feet of lawn.

Call Us

If you are looking to buy or rent Long Island real estate properties, call us as we are the best when it comes to dealing with real estate. Aside from our main services of rental brokerage and residential sales, we also engage in relocation as well as development marketing. We also assist seniors move to their retirement havens.

So, if you want a change in life and move permanently to Long Island or you just want to spend the summers there, look for us and we will be happy to help you with your real estate needs.

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